Friday, January 7, 2011

Working on a few things

We have finally started working on the kitchen Island. We also plan to use brick in the kitchen as my back splash I have had such a hard time trying to decide what I want in there. I think because I just don't like the lay out but it is getting better. Hubby did move the dishwasher so much nicer where it is he had it in the water closet with the hot water heater that was such a pain. I are be hind the folding doors is what I call the water closet it houses the water heater in one area washer and dryer in another, the dishwasher was in the area with the water heater. on the other end I have my pantry. See Hubby checking on my cooking he knows I hait cooking lol. He would be so mad if he knew I got in on camera in his jog clothes. wanted to get a better picture of the Island but this is all I have for now my camera batteries died. Please ignore my mess I will post better pictures when the kitchen is done. Well that about it for now thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Started Christmas decorating

I started decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving day. I ask my huddy and son to get the tree and put it up the day before. I had this wonderful idea to decorate it after everyone left on Thanksgiving. We decided to decorate it when the family was still here. I was so excited at the thought of decorating the tree with my mom, children and their families. Hubby brought all the totes in and I told everyone to pick what ever they wanted to put on the tree. I thought what is the worst that can happen I will have to redecorate it. My mom had to put all the ornaments my boys made in school, my one daughter-in-law wanted sparkly, the other wanted rusty and all the ones I made, the little ones wanted Santa. I had a blast we even talked all the men into putting an ornament on the tree, I think they enjoyed it, we women did for sure. I love the tree and by mom having the boys ornaments on this tree I didn't  have to bring the other tree into the dinning room and decorate it, you see I put all the ornaments they made in school and the ones I had them make at home on the tree in the dinning room. I feel blessed that we could all decorate the tree together and laugh. we really had a good time.
Thanks for visisting I hope you enjoy our family tree.