Saturday, November 27, 2010

Started Christmas decorating

I started decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving day. I ask my huddy and son to get the tree and put it up the day before. I had this wonderful idea to decorate it after everyone left on Thanksgiving. We decided to decorate it when the family was still here. I was so excited at the thought of decorating the tree with my mom, children and their families. Hubby brought all the totes in and I told everyone to pick what ever they wanted to put on the tree. I thought what is the worst that can happen I will have to redecorate it. My mom had to put all the ornaments my boys made in school, my one daughter-in-law wanted sparkly, the other wanted rusty and all the ones I made, the little ones wanted Santa. I had a blast we even talked all the men into putting an ornament on the tree, I think they enjoyed it, we women did for sure. I love the tree and by mom having the boys ornaments on this tree I didn't  have to bring the other tree into the dinning room and decorate it, you see I put all the ornaments they made in school and the ones I had them make at home on the tree in the dinning room. I feel blessed that we could all decorate the tree together and laugh. we really had a good time.
Thanks for visisting I hope you enjoy our family tree.

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  1. Hi Felicia,
    I think your tree looks beautiful! I love the star on the top too~ I just focused on that! LOL! I have to ask, what is the tree below on the bottom of the page? I don't recall seeing this before. Did you make this? It looks very interesting, like a family tree. I like your light in the other picture too. You REALLY need to post more pictures so we can see your lovely home!
    I am just putzing along today, determined to finish these ornies!
    Hunting for my special glue! Hubby watched a show on PBS~ he is convinced I have ADHD~ I could've TOLD him that! I already know this!
    On the hunt. Have a good day!
    God bless,