Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have taken a little time to get some crafting done. Most of my crafts are from things I see and like so I make my own pattern. I like to try to do that it makes me fell more creative also I can just do my own thing. How many of you fell restricted when you use a pattern or fell disappointed when it don't turn out like the one you see in the picture. I don't always get mine the way I want them but if I make my own pattern then I can change it as I go. Most of my patterns start out on paper as a sketch then on to news paper witch is my final pattern.

So I had Saturday with the house mostly to myself not to often I get that. I home school my 17 year old and my 22 year old and his wife had to move back home not sure how long but it has been 3 months now . I love them but they are really messy and I should complain lol.

How did I spend my day! crafting it was allot of fun. I need the hole house when I craft I had 3 rooms a mess lol.I like to cut my patterns in the dinning room on the table.I have a craft room but it is as small as a closet so not a lot of room for spreading out . Hubby ask why I need 3 rooms when I craft. I told him if he put a sink and stove in my craft room I would stay out of the kitchen,he had to laugh.I really don't like cooking , I cook every day for my family like it or not it has to be done.They don't understand why I don't like cooking they say I am a good cook . If they had 3 brothers all football players and a mom that worked night shift they would know . I used to like to cook to help my mom out but my brothers made fun of every thing I cooked .

Well back to crafting I still have a few things that need finished . I did take some pictures of a few things I hope you like them . My daughter-in-law said my witch was the ugliest thing she had ever seen till she saw my pumpkinhead doll . I still need to grubby my scarecrows . I hope you like my witches hat I think it needs something not sure what But I will work on it . I had fun working on my pillows. The pumpkin with the hat on was a lot of fun I also used the same pattern and made a scarecrow . I made the sheep about 3 weeks ago but thought I would share them I also made a few of the pumpkins last year the White one is new this year they may still get a little grubby not sure yet.

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  1. WOW WOW WOW !!!!!
    I have given a look into all the pics.... I love everything !!! Very beautiful also the white pumpkins: never seen before and I like it very much!!!