Friday, September 18, 2009

My Week

We have been working on my kitchen, painted a nice creamy yellow. Just when I thought we was done the refrigerator made a gurgle and water pored out the bottom. So hubby shops for new frig well he came home with a white side by side with ice maker in door. I was happy with this till problem we had to move the cabinets over 2 inches then the water line had to be fixed the shut off broke off . With cabinets moved and new shut off in place frig is in and working, touch up need to be done so get the paint back out gee what started as a fresh coat of paint turned in to a week long project. I had painted the cabinets a few weeks back , sanded, painted,sanded and distressed then stained . I went with a cream color Bleached Wheat and a Walnut stain over them. Still need to put new flooring down


  1. Felica, your kitchen cabinets look so pretty & sounds like the rest of your kitchen looks real pretty too! I can't wait to see more pic's of it, and the rest of your home! The creamy yellow painted walls sounds to be so pretty! I love the looks of your cabinets! You did a fabulous job on them!

    You & your DH sound just like my DH & Me..what seems like it should be just a quick, small project...ends up being more of a major one, for one reason or another! Sometimes we get lucky though!

    I'm going to have to start a blog one of these days.. I'm always afraid I'd mess up on it...and do something wrong! I'll surprise you one of these days!

    I loved reading your blog Felica, and will come back to visit you again! Catch you on here or on the Country Sampler forum! Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Felicia!

    I found you over at the CS forum! Yay for getting your blog going! It looks great! And I get to be your first follower too! :)

    You know one thing always leads to another when you start a GROWS! lol! Good thing is though that it will be so worth it when you're all done! I can't wait to see the pictures of the completed project..floor and all!

    I'll catch you over here or at the CS forum!

    Have a great weekend too! :)

  3. Hi Felicia!! Happy to see you started your own blog!
    I love your kitchen cabinets and the paint you used !! really really a good job! Congratulation and.... I will add my name among the followers.... I don't want to miss next news !!!!

  4. I can understand the 'one thing leads to another' - always happens here. I think that's whey my husband hesitates to do something when I ask him because he can see 'one thing' turning into a dozen things.
    Cabinets look great.


  5. It looks great! And I get to be your first follower too!
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