Friday, October 1, 2010

My Extended Family

Me and the girls took a walk today, we gathered dried flower pods, leaves, a few twigs, pine cones, and some walnuts. The walnuts will make a nice stain and the other stuff is for some potpourri, I like to make my own. The girls had a good time, the little tan gal that is my Bella, she is so sweet, she is a barker, funny thing is she don't bark if I put her hat on her. The black gal that is my  Star, she don't know she is a dog, shh we don't tell her lol. They was so tired when we got home they did not even notice when I took the boys a walk. 

Are they not just the sweetest thing you have ever seen. They are like the 2 legged kids around here, they are not spoiled they are loved a lot lol
Star has cheery eye, we adopted her when she was 3 months old, the last family that had her thought she was no good to them with her eye defect. Bella is another story she has a cropped ear and they, her old family did not want her, Buster are 14 lb., yes I said 14 lb. chihuahua was unwanted by his old family because of his size. And are shitzue the family had to give up because of job loss. All are dogs are rescues and we love them. We don't see the eyes,ears,size as defects we see it as the thing that makes them special. I just thought I would share this story. I wish when people get a dog they could make a commitment to it, if they had a child that had a so called defect, would they give it up, or love it less. I know most people would tell me it's not the same. I love all my dogs they are a part of the family, they ask for so little and give so much. Thanks for visiting and I would love to hear your stories about your extended family.   

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  1. Felicia,

    It's obvious what a loving and caring person you are by your "boys and girls". :) They look so loved. I agree with your post! Your babies are cuties!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! :)

    Have a great evening!